Denise Brossman | Creator/Writer   |    So, a little about me....

I've created family-friendly and children’s content for production and/or distribution by Amazon, YouTube, NBCUniversal, 9 Story Media, Sprout, Scholastic, The Dodo, Global Tinker, Out of the Blue Enterprises and more. 


I like smart, clean comedy and the occasional sob-inducing long as it's on the screen and not in my house.

Here's my Rando Fact Flurry:


I got the hook during a 2:00 am open mic; went vegan for a week and a half; did a border-to-border cross-country road trip; wrote jokes for Jeff Foxworthy; shot my own short on the WB lot; hiked the Langtang Region of Nepal; had cocktails with my hero Larry Gelbart; got lost while hoofing it through Washington Heights in the pouring rain at midnight; met Carrot Top while waiting for an elevator - and proceeded to repeatedly refer to him as Carrot CAKE - am semi-conversational in Pennsylvania Dutch; have the best best friends; rescued four dogs and one husband and still wear my 1999 Galway Pub Crawl t-shirt. 

My greateast joys are sharing a life with hubby Jim; genetics with the world's two greatest weans - Brooke and Dylan and a home with my precious fur babies Gracie and Oliver.


Member: Women in Film and Television Ireland; Children’s Media Association; The Writer’s Guild of America East Animation Caucus; New York Women in Film and Television and Utah Women in Film and Television.

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